The dark side of the HCG diet plan

HCGdiet planThere are many harmful effects known for both types of HCG intake including HCG injection as well as HCG drops, to know more about the effects.. The side effects are due to the abrupt change in dietary routine by falling to 500 calorie. To cope with such a huge short fall in diet can be difficult task for those have started taking the plan. HCG diet plan can cause severe side effects in many cases as there is a low calorie diet and the body is not ready enough to work out daily routine tasks accordingly. So there can be a trouble with brain functioning as went sluggish sometimes due to low calorie uptake. You may suffer from low levels of brain functioning and also low levels of physical function. All you can do is to tolerate the time when the body is asking up for more calorie rich food and you just pass the time off. The low calorie diet plan as well as the HCG drops administration can cause severe side effects including Hypersensitivity in ovaries that can cause pain in pelvic region and extra or under urination, depression, irritability, nausea, vomiting, pain in body food cramps or there can be abrupt fat gain in the body.

Other issues related to the use of weight loss through HCG has some concerns in male as the hormone is derived from a female and males have a feeling that they can develop the female characteristics and females says that they can develop male characteristics as the medicine is of male importance. But nothing is true. There can be no interchanging effects on male and females regarding use of HCG.

The HCG usage and storage without a proper prescription from a physician is regarded as an offensive behavior and can be sentenced to jail if anyone found guilty for the reason of keeping and storing HCG without the prescription and advice from the physician.

HCG weight loss program is not a very good option for doing weight loss practice. It is so because abrupt and quick weight loss is highly undesirable for a healthy body and can cause a number of harmful effects when administered. But despite all these side effects the people who are taking an advice from the doctors prefer to go for HCG method of weight loss. HCG method of weight loss is relatively unsafe but quick. It is highly recommended that despite the advantage that the practice provides fast results the use of HCG can harm to body. As long as the administration of the HCG is concerned the HCG drops are placed under the dieters tong and weight for 30 seconds. The HCG is provided in its actual form into the blood stream and gives abrupt decrease in body fats.