Golf Equipment 101

The player is on the tee ready to take a shot, ball in place, he stares at the horizon, visualizing where he wants his golf ball to land on the fairway. He approaches the ball, looks at the greenery in front of him again, then goes for the swing…but he misses the ball.

On the green, a golfer looks for marks on the green for the path he wants his golf ball to go so it would sink in the hole. He approaches the ball, eyes over it, looks at the direction he plans to take then swings, not once, but twice and still misses the ball.

Did they really miss the ball? No, it is called the practice swing.

golfRecommended by the best professionals in golf, the practice swing during a round is an integral part of golf. Some players do a slower practice swing then what they actually do when they hit the ball, but it is recommended to emulate the actual swing during a practice swing. It will keep a golfer’s swing groove consistent from one shot to another.

How is it done? The use of golf equipment training devices will help a player keep that ball in play. There are lots to choose from.

There is the smooth swing training aid that helps keep the arms in place and assists in the timing for better accuracy. The swing monitors and analyzers that could show a players speed rate.

The swing or stance positional guides could help improve a player’s address during a tee shot, an approach shot or during putting.

Keeping track of strokes is sometimes hard to get by when it is time to write it on the score card so a stroke counter was developed where players could just click away after every shot until they finish the hole.

If players always keep losing golf balls especially on water hazards, there are the golf ball retrievers, which could be used to scoop up ball that has taken a dive.

The use of a player’s own golf equipment could act as training tools when practicing.
Holding two clubs in hand and swinging them back and forth could help the back muscles get that sync in place during the backswing.

Lining up a set of golf balls forming a straight line and trying to hit them one after the other while maintaining the same putting stance is another routine that could help make lining a putt more consistent when on an actual green.

The great Nick Faldo once taught a technique on how to practice putting by just simply brushing golf balls towards the hole. With the use of a player’s favorite putter and a couple of golf balls, Faldo recommends to just push the balls into the hole without the aid of a backswing. The margin for error is lesser since it eliminated half of the putting procedure which is swaying the putter back. Brushing the golf ball could only be done during practice drills.

Another exercise utilizing golf balls could be used in pitching practice. With golf ball in hand just a few feet from the practice green, a player should visualize where he wants the ball to land on the green by throwing his arms at a length he thinks the ball would reach its landing target. The player then takes the ball and swings exactly the same way and stops where his arms stopped when he practiced without the ball. He then checks if the ball landed where he thought it would land. Then using a pitching wedge and with the ball on the grass, he should imitate the same exercise that he did when he tried it without and with the ball.

One object used to create consistency in movement, is not part of a player’s golf equipment. Using a medium sized beach ball and placing it between the arms with hands clasped together while imitating a full swing and without making the ball fall is a way to make sure the gap in the middle of a player’s arms is always the same.

Whether it is a device, a tool, a golf ball, golf clubs or a putter; practicing with the use of golf equipment always gets a golfer closer to achieving his goal which is to be able to play a decent round of golf! is pleased to offer some of the hottest discount golf equipment on the web!

Your Many Options for Custom Military Coins

Custom military coins have a rich history. They were used in wars as a form of insignia among the soldiers. They became a proof of one’s membership. An American soldier’s life was once saved by these coins. When his executioners saw his military coin, they had recognized that he was not an enemy so they end up drinking wine with him instead of killing him.

Even today, custom coins still denote identity. They are widely used by different organizations, both governmental and not. Custom coins are also used by different companies to promote their brands. The items were usually used as freebies on product launches. Schools and universities used them to award their outstanding students and teachers.

Charitable organization also employs the use of custom military coins in acknowledging their sponsors and long-time partners. Individuals can use custom coins as well. With our customization options, we can help you come up with your very own custom coin that speaks about you. Let us know what purpose you would like your coin to adhere and we will work hard to achieve it.

Custom Military Coins

To help you become familiar of our many customization options, we will enumerate them below.

Metal Options

The type of metal you choose will also determine the initial color of your custom military coins. Your choices are antique gold metal, polished gold metal, antique silver metal, polished silver metal, antique brass metal, polished brass metal, antique copper metal, polished copper metal, black nickel metal, and duo tone metal.

If you would like your coin to be more on the glossy side, we recommend you our polished metals; otherwise, antique metal or black nickel could be what you are looking for.

Cut Edge Options

This will be the border of your design. Cut edge gives your coin a more elegant finish. You can still choose a plain edge if you want to, but we definitely recommend our special cut edge options. These are rope cut edge, weave cut edge, oblique cut edge, and cross cut edge.

Design Options

You can make your own design that we would apply on your coin. We can emboss or debus them according to your preference. You can also pick any color of your liking. You can have either or both sides of the custom military coins imprinted.

Aside from the cut edge, you can request for another border around the main image of your coin. On that border, we can add texts in small fonts.

Packaging Options

custom coinsCustom coin is also a great present. You can give your loved ones custom coins on their birthday. We can help you create a “Happy Mother’s Day” or a “Happy Father’s Day” coin for your parents. Custom coins can also be giveaways on your special occasions. Your guests would surely adore them especially if they are secured in an elegant packaging.

We have plastic coin capsules that are best for circular custom military coins. These containers feature a fit-to-shape style. They are easy to be transported and are long-lasting. We also have velvet bags and velvet coin boxes. Both are perfect if you are to give the custom coin to someone special. You can even insert a note inside the velvet bag.

If you are opting for more affordable options that could still protect your coins from dust and dirt, we recommend you our PVC envelopes and plastic stands. Although cheap, they are still durable and really convenient.

Additional Options

Our company continually finds ways to innovate our products to please you, our customers, and to attend to your specific needs. And so, we have created additional features that would make your coin stand out even more.

You can now request for texts to be engraved on the edge of your custom coins. Also, you now have more options in term of the shape of your coin. We can follow the outline of your image to come up with an original shape.

For additional shine, we recommend you our epoxy coat option. We also have custom coins in a form of bottle openers and key chains.

coinsCustom coins are also used by different companies to promote their brands. The items were usually used as freebies on product launches. Schools and universities used them to award their outstanding students and teachers.

Qualities of Speakers Behind Effective Safety Talks

Employee safety and well-being have never been under more scrutiny than in the modern age. Compared to the Industrial Age when workers were viewed as little more than cogs in the system, companies in the Information Age are actually compelled to provide their employees with a good work-life balance. And part of making any office a humane place to work in involves giving regular safety talks.

Unlike keynote speeches or year-end reports, safety talks are relatively more straightforward. They were designed to remind employees to adhere to certain company policies so that their well-being remains safe while on the job. However, giving a good safety talk takes a bit more than simply reading passages off the company manual.

So, what does it take to pull off an engaging talk on safety? For starters, the speakers behind effective safety talks often have the following characteristics:

1.)    Relevance.

Safety TalksEach workplace and occupation comes with its own unique set of potential hazards. A good safety talk speaker should be able to recognize that, along with what those hazards are exactly and stick to those. You can probably give a briefing on basic security during the start of the safety talks, but otherwise, you should focus only on addressing the prevention of the potential dangers in your work place or profession.

As a guide, whenever you hesitate about including a particular topic in your presentation, ask yourself if it is a common concern for the people you will be addressing. If the answer is “no” or if it takes you too long to decide, then perhaps it is better omitted.

2.)    Credibility.

One way to radiate integrity where safety talks are concerned is to prepare well before the presentation. You should be well-acquainted with the basics of safe workplace practices and with the company policies that are relevant to the topic at hand. In addition to this, you also need to cultivate a respectable demeanor. Good body posture (upright but relaxed), a well-modulated voice, and proper pacing all indicate the sort of quiet confidence that an audience is more likely to take note of and pay attention to.

3.)    A genuine concern for people’s well-being.

Most safety officers take on the job not just because it yields a regular paycheck, but also because they are catering to a higher calling. After all, how many people can say that their main occupation is looking after their fellow colleague’s safety and security?

There is a saying that goes, “People don’t care what you know unless they know how much you care.” This just means that people are more likely to listen to what you have to say if they can sense that you are giving the presentation for their benefit. You don’t have to present a dramatic façade to accomplish this, of course. Simply refrain from reading off the slides and address the audience in your own words, not so much as a boss, but as a fellow colleague facing the same dangers in the same workplace.

4.)    Openness.

It is usually very helpful to have an open forum of sorts at the end of every safety talk. This way, you can address any questions or concerns that may have arisen in the minds of your audience during your presentation. A good safety officer not only makes time for this, but is also able to anticipate the sort of concerns that may come up.

And in case a question leaves you stumped, just say that you will look into it and get back to the person who posed it (and make sure that you do). A bit of humility and sincerity goes a longer way than pretending to be all-knowing.

Author Bio:
SpeakerMost safety officers take on the job not just because it yields a regular paycheck, but also because they are catering to a higher calling.

Logo Lanyards – Of Types And Options

From simple knots, cords and ties, lanyards have evolved into modern, printed lanyards. From simple uses of tying and carrying small things around, they have become fashionable pieces able of marketing and conveying a message. Companies and organizations nowadays use lanyards to advertise and promote their products or their causes. These kinds of lanyards are called logo lanyards wherein details such as logo, company name, address, slogan and other information business organizations wants people to see are printed.

Following Are The Different Uses Of Logo Lanyards:

The design of logo lanyards has the power to express a person or a company’s uniqueness or edge among its competitors. It has become a huge market demand which is molded by color, style and materials being used in producing customized lanyards. The quality of the printed logo in lanyards may vary depending on the printing device, the kind of dye used and the material of the lanyard.Some of the examples are the following.

logo-LanyardsDye sublimated lanyard are lanyards that use double-sided or multi-colored imprints to guarantee long-lasting quality. Heat press method is used to print on the lanyard. An advantage of this method is that the logo not just rests on top of the lanyard but is being transferred to the material instead. Though dye sublimated ones take longer time to produce than other types, this produces the best quality of logos in lanyards.

This is best used for complicated and intricate designs.There are also woven lanyards where the material may be polyester or nylon with the logos and other details woven to the fabric. Usually this is done manually and uses various colors of thread to replicate designated logo. Woven lanyards are more professional-looking but the design is limited since more complex designs may be difficult to duplicate.

Imprinted tubular lanyards on the other hand are lanyards made with soft materials so printing is done by using silk screen methods. This kind is cheaper but the result is also professional-looking. If the customer wants a very detailed lanyard, he should ask for an imprinted nylon type. The fabric being used is much smoother and shinier than other types. This is advisable for lanyards with more complex and intricate designs.

Another type is the polyester lanyard.This type may probably be for those looking to mass-produce logo lanyards but have limited budgets. The materials are very affordable and prints are clearly visible making it easier to read and stand-out. Shoestring or cords may also be used for logo lanyards. These are the most basic type of lanyards. They are very slim and very comfortable and text logos are clearly visible and can be easily read from afar. Polyester twills are more similar to cotton than nylon. These lanyards can be imprinted using hot stamp method of printing or dye sublimation.

There are also various ways of imprinting on lanyards.One is the hot stamp method. This is suitable for the simpler logos and short use lanyards like in conventions or conferences. They are fast and easy to make and are very affordable. Another type of printing is through silk screen. This is very cost effective for custom printing texts and basic logo designs. Screen printing makes use of a mesh or very thin wired screen from a black and white design. The screen with the chosen ink color is then placed on top of the material and pressure is applied to transfer the ink from the mesh to the lanyard material. Finally, the ink is secured using heat.

Besides the type of printing and method of printing, one also has to consider the cord locks and adjuster beads and other breakaway features.

The dark side of the HCG diet plan

HCGdiet planThere are many harmful effects known for both types of HCG intake including HCG injection as well as HCG drops, to know more about the effects.. The side effects are due to the abrupt change in dietary routine by falling to 500 calorie. To cope with such a huge short fall in diet can be difficult task for those have started taking the plan. HCG diet plan can cause severe side effects in many cases as there is a low calorie diet and the body is not ready enough to work out daily routine tasks accordingly. So there can be a trouble with brain functioning as went sluggish sometimes due to low calorie uptake. You may suffer from low levels of brain functioning and also low levels of physical function. All you can do is to tolerate the time when the body is asking up for more calorie rich food and you just pass the time off. The low calorie diet plan as well as the HCG drops administration can cause severe side effects including Hypersensitivity in ovaries that can cause pain in pelvic region and extra or under urination, depression, irritability, nausea, vomiting, pain in body food cramps or there can be abrupt fat gain in the body.

Other issues related to the use of weight loss through HCG has some concerns in male as the hormone is derived from a female and males have a feeling that they can develop the female characteristics and females says that they can develop male characteristics as the medicine is of male importance. But nothing is true. There can be no interchanging effects on male and females regarding use of HCG.

The HCG usage and storage without a proper prescription from a physician is regarded as an offensive behavior and can be sentenced to jail if anyone found guilty for the reason of keeping and storing HCG without the prescription and advice from the physician.

HCG weight loss program is not a very good option for doing weight loss practice. It is so because abrupt and quick weight loss is highly undesirable for a healthy body and can cause a number of harmful effects when administered. But despite all these side effects the people who are taking an advice from the doctors prefer to go for HCG method of weight loss. HCG method of weight loss is relatively unsafe but quick. It is highly recommended that despite the advantage that the practice provides fast results the use of HCG can harm to body. As long as the administration of the HCG is concerned the HCG drops are placed under the dieters tong and weight for 30 seconds. The HCG is provided in its actual form into the blood stream and gives abrupt decrease in body fats.